Department of Kaumarbhritya / Balrog (Pediatrics)

Kaumarbhritya is one of the most important branch of Ayurveda dealing with the care of the child from the conception till the maturity. It is one of the Eight Branches (Ashtang) of Ayurveda. The subject Kaumarbhritya is concerned with 3rd professional of under graduate course.

This Department is imparting teaching and training to Under Graduate students that deals with neonatal care, infant feeding, diet for newborn, daily and seasonal regime, diseases and disorders relating to children including nutrition of children, immunization etc.


  1. i. To make UG Students able to recognize the key importance of child health care.
  2. ii. To promote the simple, herbal medicines for the healthy growth and development of children.
  3. iii. To promote the preventive measures like Suvarnaprashan for improvement of child immunity and prevent malnutrition.
  4. iv. To make UG Students understand child health care through Ayurveda that is required to be practiced in the community and at all levels of health care.
  5. v. To develop competence in students in advanced concepts of research methodology in the area of Ayurvedic Paediatrics and also to prepare them to be a productive member of team in health care, research and education.

Facilities in the Department:

Well designed with:-

  1. i. Specimens
  2. ii. Equipment (yantra)
  3. iii. Posters, Charts

Different display Charts and Models compilation are there in the Department.

Arranging various child health care programmes like suvarna prashan camp, school health check up, vaccination programme, yoga and pranayam camps.