Department of Kriya Sharir (Anatomy)

Ishan Ayurvedic Medical College & Research Centre has well equipped department of Kriya Sharir. Kriya sharir is the basic subject of Ayurveda, which initiates learning of Ayurveda at primary level for the students of first BAMS. After passing XII examination and CET clearance students are conscious and a bit confused before coming to Ayurveda field as it is having a different platform of philosophies and thought processes. There comes the role of Sharir kriya faculties to make students familiar with Ayurvedic concepts and terminologies in scientific and practical way.

Sharirkriya is the subject which deals with all the basic knowledge and siddhantas as well as clinical examination of normal individual. At BAMS level all the concepts and fundamentals are familiar but overall conceptual understanding lacks behind. At postgraduate level these concepts need a different vision to understand and implement in practice.

Our aim is to highlight this basic knowledge and to give new scientific approach to students to polish their skills of Ayurveda and making them compatible to apply in clinical practice.


  1. i. Explain the basic concepts of Human Physiology in Ayurveda.
  2. ii. Describe the fundamentals of contemporary physiology related to all organ systems along with the important links between these systems.
  3. iii. Able to discuss whether Ayurveda can contribute to the further development in different streams of the current sciences.
  4. iv. Acquire the reasonably good skills in written and practical physiology.

Instruments and Equipments at the Department of Rachna Sharir

In order to facilitate the proper theoretical and practical learning of anatomy, the Department has various instruments and equipments for the fulfillment of academic curriculum of BAMS such as dissection boxes, dissection tables etc.