Department of Rachna Sharir (Anatomy)

Ishan Ayurved Medical College and Research Center has a well equipped Department of Rachna Sharir. The Department of Rachna Sharir at the ayurved medical college in Greater Noida is one of the pre-clinical departments. The department offers coverage of human anatomy in accordance with the academic curriculum of BAMS course offered by CCS University, Meerut. The Department of Rachna Sharir imparts knowledge of Rachna Sharir and human anatomy to the students of BAMS.

The department enables the learning of anatomy of the human body i.e. study of Sharisthan, basic texts and treatise of sage-physicians like Susrut Samhita, Charak Samhita and Ashtang Hridaya. Major topics covered in the study of the anatomy of the human body include embryology, histology, anthropometry, genetics and marma sharir.

The Department of Rachna Sharir has a preservation tank of the dead human body that is used for the theoretical and practical learning of anatomy and fundamental ayurvedic principles of body, mind and soul. The department also houses dummy models for practical learning of the internal and external structures of the human body.

Instruments and Equipments at the Department of Rachna Sharir

In order to facilitate the proper theoretical and practical learning of anatomy, the Department has various instruments and equipments for the fulfillment of academic curriculum of BAMS such as dissection boxes, dissection tables etc.