Department of Samhita Siddhant

Ishan Ayurved Medical College and Research Center has a well equipped Department of Samhita Siddhant. The Department of Samhita Siddhant at the medical college is the department of basic principles of Ayurveda. The learning and practice of the basic principles is fundamental to the school of Ayurvedic medicine. The department offers learning of original texts and treatises of Ayurvedic science and Ayurvedic medicine in its mother language-Sanskrit. The department offers the study of the philosophical fundamentals of Ayurveda. The name of the department itself asserts that it engages in the learning of basic concepts of diagnosis and treatment. The basic concepts if applied properly and in its right way, lead to the absolute knowledge of ailments; which is applied to the newer diseases, also.

The Department of Samhita Siddhant offers learning of Sanskrit treatises documented by ancient Indian sage-physicians. As such the department houses, archives and teaches the Sanskrit treatises and texts of the following sage-physicians:

  1. i. Charak
  2. ii. Susrut
  3. iii. Ashtang Hriday
  4. iv. Bhavprakash
  5. v. Madhavnidan
  6. vi. Ashtangsangraha
  7. vii. Bhela
  8. viii. Kashyap Samhita

In accordance with the requirement of the BAMS course academic curriculum offered by CCS University, Meerut, the Department of Samhita Siddhant offers the coverage of the full academic curriculum.

Learning of Sanskrit at Department of Samhita Siddhant

The department offers learning of basic principles of ayurveda medicine through ancient Ayurveda Samhitas that are documented in Sanskirt. The learning and mastery of the Sanskrit language is an imperative to the learning of the basic principles of Ayurved and to this extent the department offers extensive curriculum based tutorials for the learning of Sanskrit.