Ishan Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Center has top of the line facilities for the students. The college offers best in class facilities to students, faculty members and staff of the medical college. These facilities are aimed at offering students a comfortable and memorable experience during the course of their study. The facilities enrich the learning experience of BAMS students and offer a truly productive sense of engagement to the college. Major highlights of the facilities offered by the ayurvedic medical college to the BAMS community are as follows:


Ishan Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Center houses a central library with more than 3000 books, journals and periodicals covering the syllabus of BAMS course. The library is well equipped with a photocopier machine, library management software for browsing of titles, books and periodicals of ayurveda.

Wi-Fi Campus

The entire area of the ayurvedic medical college campus is well connected through high speed Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi network is meant for use by students, faculty and staff of the ayurvedic medical college. The principle objective of the deployment of Wi-Fi on campus is to enable modern and cutting edge learning in ayurveda. It also allows the entire academic community to stay connected.

Hostels for Boys and Girls

The campus of Ishan Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Center has separate hostel complexes for boys and girls. The hostel complexes for boys and girls enable students from far-off locations across India to stay at the campus during their course of study of the BAMS course offered by the ayurvedic medical college. Both the hostels for boys and girls have single, double and triple bed rooms that are well equipped with R-O drinking water, 24-hour generator back up and are manned by resident hostel wardens for boys and girls respectively.


Ishan Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Center houses a canteen for students. The canteen is a “grab & go” venue serving on-the-go eatables like snacks, rolls, baked items, cookies and beverages like tea, coffee and fresh milk. Students get to munch at the canteen during the short breaks in between consecutive lecture and lab sessions.


The mess at the ayurved medical college serves meals to students and in-mates of the hostel. The mess serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to the community on a custom booking basis. Students can choose from weekly, monthly and annual subscription plans. The mess serves fresh, warm and hygienic Indian food.