Prasuti Evam Strirog

In Asthang ayurved prasuti and stri rog caters to the prescriptive healthcare for the obstetrics and gynaecology sections. Prasuti and stri rog also offers systematic guidelines and procedures for complication-free delivery of baby during pregnancy. The protocol followed under Prasutti and Stri Rog for the delivery of a baby during pregnancy is referred to as Garbhini Pracharya. It offers a detailed account of the nutrition (ahar), lifestyle (vihar) and thoughts (vichar) during pregnancy for effective delivery of a healthy baby.

Prasuti & Stri Rog chikitsa offered at the OPD of Ishan Ayurved Medical College and Research Centre is premised on the paradigm of Asthanga Ayurveda principles. Prasuti & Stri rog is a specialty clinic that deals with the prognosis, diagnosis, analysis and prescription for the ailments of gynaecology. In other words Ayurveda has its own equivalent of gynecology and this arm is called by the name of Prasuti & Stri Rog. Ishan Ayurved Medical College and Research Centre offers specialized Ayurveda medical consulting for women’s disorders and diseases in a very scientifically proven way.

How Prasuti & Rog Chikitsa Offered at Ishan Ayurved Medical College & Research Center Can Benefit you?

The clinic for Prasuti & Stri rog at Ishan Ayurved Medical College and Research Centre offers OPD consulting to women for a wide variety of gynaecological issues. Some of the major areas of medical consulting under the domain of the Prasuti & Stri Rog are as follows:

  1. i. Routine ANC check-up and counseling
  2. ii. Family planning and HIV counseling
  3. iii. Genetic counseling
  4. iv. Treatment for Sukhaprasava

The above list shows some of the most common areas of consulting in Prasuti & Stri Rog offered at the specialty clinic of the OPD but is not restricted to the same.