Department of Dravyaguna Vigyan

‘Dravyaguna Vigyan’ is a science which deal with pharmacognosy, pharmacology, pharmacy and therapeutic of herbal medicine. It is an important branch of Ayurved as herbal drug is the main tool of Ayurvedic treatment. Along with theoretical lectures, applied knowledge is given to students through live demonstration of medicinal plants in the herbal garden and museum of raw samples of drugs

Ishan Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Centre has a well-equipped Department of Dravyaguna Vigyan and Herbal Garden



  • Most assets of our department is the departmental museum. More than 200 raw material specimens are preserved in the museum. It contains specimens collected from different regions of the country. The students are motivated to take benefit of departmental museum to identify the species.
  • Departmental laboratory is well maintained with instruments required for study purpose.


  • The college has well developed herbal garden, more than 250 different species of herbs and medicinal plants are present in the garden.
  • The objective of the herbal garden is to create awareness of conservation, identification and traditional uses of herbs and medicinal plants to students, visitors and others can learn how to identify and conserve these important plants.
  • Cultivate herbs and plants for the purpose of clinical and drug research inAyurveda as well as usage in production of Ayurveda Medicines and health supplements


All faculty members are well qualified with good experience of teaching at UG

Departmental library is a rich source of reading material containing many books like Nighantus.

UG and PG students from different college/ institutes, school students and common people regularly visit departmental herbal garden to enrich their knowledge of various plants species.

Some of the plant products from herbal garden are also used regularly for preparation of herbal medicines in college pharmacy.
The well-planned herbal garden that includes several extinct and rare species of flora is unique feature of department. Total no. of species is more than 260 whereas total no. of medicinal plants is more than 1000.

Departmental faculty actively participates in lectures regarding awareness of Medicinal plants.

Tutorial room with fully fledged audio-visual units such as mic with speakers and projector facilities.


  • Under-Graduate Level: Theoretical & practical teaching of Dravyaguna, as per the prescribed curriculum of CCIM.
  • The students were given live demo for better grasping at medicinal plants gardens both within the campus and off the campus.
  • Periodic class tests were held to keep the students continuously keen & attentive. The students were also encouraged to collect and prepare herbariums of important medicinal plants.

Program and Course Outcomes

Programme Learning Outcomes (PO)

Course Learning Outcomes (CO)

Department Faculty

Dr. Kiran Nagar

Dr. Archana Prajapati