The hostel offers comfortable stay to all the students. There are separate hostels for boys and girls located within the campus. The facilities provided, compensate for the lack of a ‘home environment’ and are also conducive to the fulfillment of their ambitions. The rooms are well furnished and have good sanitary and communication facilities. Common rooms have TV’s. For students to stay fit and healthy, hostels are equipped with gym facilities – treadmill, exercise bikes and more of the latest fitness equipment. The college ensures for proper security arrangement for the hostellers.

Ishan’s offers best hostel life, full of latest & executive lifestyle. Life at Ishan’s campus is active from early morning until late night and students enjoy the convenience of being in the residential campus within the premises of the institutional campus. It enables them to save lot of money, time and energy. Presently Ishan’s four storied hostel building consists of rooms in which single, double and triple occupancy is available for students. Adequate arrangements have been made for quality food, clean drinking water and regular power supply.

Safe and secure place for both boys and girls. Each hostel has resident wardens to take care of the hostellers, wardens residential quarters are in their respective hostels. Since the wardens are chosen from the faculty member, they also help the students in their out-of-the classroom academic tasks.