Scientific name:Helicteresisora Linn.

Family name:Sterculiaceae.


It is sub-deciduous small tree or shrub of about 1.5-3.0 m height. Young branches are rough with scattered stellate hairs. The leaves are serrate, obliquely cordate or ovate, shortly acuminate and rough above and pubescent beneath. The flowers are solitary or in sparse clusters with red reflexed petals, become pale-blue when old. The fruits are 5.0 cm long, greenish-brown, beaked and cylindrical with 5 spirally twisted carpels. The seeds are tubercled.
Chemical constituents:
Recent research revealed that Avartani has various active ingredients like gallic acid, vanillin, coumaric acid, cucurbitacin B, iso-cucurbitacin, etc due to which it exhibits various pharmacological properties like anti-pyretic, anti-spasmodic, anti- diabetic, anti- dysenteric, anti-cancer, etc.
Avartani is astringent in taste and cold in potency with light and oily properties.
Guna-Laghu,Ruksha Laghu,

1)Hypolipidaemic activity-The effect of bark extracts of H. isora on serum high density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein, very low-density lipoprotein has been studied. The treatment with H. isora bark extract carried down these lipoproteins in the diabetic rats to nearly normal levels.
2) Skin problems-The leaf of Avartaniis loaded with antioxidants and antibacterial properties. The paste prepared from this lead can be applied externally on the skin to get relief from various skin diseases including eczema and scabies.
3)Gastrointestinal problems-One of the biggest health benefits of the Avartaniis its ability to treat gastrointestinal problems. The root juice and fruit paste of this plant are taken orally to get relief from dysentery, stomach ache, and diarrhoea.
4)Manage diabetes-The Avartani is one of the best herbs for promoting physical stamina and strength. It has insulin-sensitizing activity and stabilizes blood sugar levels in the blood and helps manage diabetes.
5)Treating respiratory diseases-The chemical constituents present in this Ayurvedic plant are very effective in treating respiratory diseases like dryness of the lungs and throat. It is also very beneficial in the treatment of Tuberculosis and blood-tinged sputum.
Is Avarti good for health?
Yes it is good for health. Avartani is widely used for curing various disease due to its great therapeutic potential.
Avoid the use Avartani during pregnancy and breastfeeding.