Botanical Name: Oxaliscorniculatalinn

Family: Oxalidaceae

The plant oxalis corniculata Linn belongs to the Oxaledaceae family. Because of its amlarasa the plant is known by the name changeri because of this it acts as rochana.As per some author marselia minuta is the original changeri since chatushpathri is the common synonym used by all the acharayas.Leaves of marsdia minuta are quadrifoleate and maybe it is the real source of chatushpathri but not axalis corniculatas.

Changeri is described in the brihathrayi among the vegetable category. But it is found to be extensively used and included in the amlavargadravya’s of Rasashastra charaka and susrutha have highlighted its utility in grahani and arshas.



Changeri (Oxalis corniculata) is a medicinal plant with a sour taste. The common names of this herb are Creeping wood sorrel, Procumbent yellow, Indian penny wood, Creeping oxalis, etc. It shows good results in treating liver and stomach-related disorders. Its flowers are sour due to the presence of calcium oxalate and oxalic acid. The leaves of this herb are bitter and astringent in taste. Its self-pollinating flowers can grow fast in open areas but in countries like Canada, it is used as weed for glasshouses. It is edible and used as salad.

Rasa: Amla, Kashaya Guna: Laghu, Rooksha

Veerya : Ushna veerya Vipaka: Amlavipaka
DoshaKarma : kaphavathahara, pithavardhana


Hridya, Shodhaksra, Daha shamaka, Arshogna, Grahi, Deepana, Pachana, Jvaragna

The important phytochemical constituents isolated from the plant are flavonoids, tannins, phytosterols, phenol, glycosides, fatty acids, galacto-glycero lipid and volatile oils.

External use:

Analgesic, anti flammation its local application help in in flammation , headache , moles and eye disorders.

Angina pectoris changeri Kalka applied on chest

Garjooraka Rock salt mixed with changeri rubble on the spoty of sting

Internal use:


Sunni sannaka – changeri ghrta (cha. Chi 1 4/239 -42)

Nagaradhi grita (cha . chi. 14/110- 12)

Vegetable of the leaves of thrivrit danthi changeri chitra fried in ghee and oil and mixed with curd should be given ( cha, chi, 14/ 122)

Proplapse of rectum – changeri grita (cha. Chi. 19/143)

Athisara –

Changeri grita