Scientific Name: Coleus amboinicus

Family: Lamiaceae


A perennial, hairy shrub, very fragrant and with bristly hair. Trunk is 30 cm. to 1 mtrs. high and delicate. Leaves – simple, 6cm. long, ovate, dentate, thick with pungent smell. Flowers – small, violet, flowering at the end of winter and fruiting in summer.
Chemical composition:
The aerial parts of the plant yield an essential oil (0.1%) which contains thymol (79.5%); whereas in leaves carvacrol and camphor are major constituents. Leaves also contain a large amount of oxalacetic acid, flavonoid, cirsimaritin and beta- sitosterol.

तीक्ष्णा पर्णयवान्युष्णा कटुतिक्ता रसे लघुः । दीपनी पाचनी रुच्या मलसंग्राहिणी परम् ॥
अग्निमान्द्ये यकृद्रोगे ग्रहण्यामुदरक्रिमौ । विषूचिकायामश्मर्या मूत्रकृच्छ्रे च शस्यते॥
( द्र.गु.वि)

Guna: laghu ruksha,;
Rasa: katu, tikta;
Virya: ushna;
Karma : carminative, digestive,astingent,cooling,diuretic, antimicrobial, antifungal, anthelmintic, antiviral, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory,
Indication :
fever, skin disease, cough, piles, leucorrhoea,vomiting, dysentery,gout, burning sensation,dyspepsia,cephalgia, worm infection
Part used : Leaves

Benefits :
• The new squeeze of Coleus amboinicus is given in portion of 10 ml with high temp water to treat intestinal worms.
• The juice of the plant is given with juice of ginger to improve craving and treat acid reflux.
• The glue and squeeze of the leaf is offered inside to treat renal and urinary calculi.
• Juice is blended in with sugar is given to kids in colic, in asthma, incessant hack, strangury, analytics, gonorrhea, heaps and dyspepsia
• The medication is additionally valuable in cardiovascular disability, cough, breathlesness, hiccups, dysurea and urinary calculi
• Communicated juice of leaves are carminative and utilized in dyspepsia
• The medication is utilized in vatavyadhi (akshepaka, apatantraka).It is likewise considered as helpful in hridroga
• This medication is diuretic The medication is very helpful in issues of stomach related system, particularly gastrointestinal objections.