Scientific name – Zingiber officinale
Family name – Zingiberaceae


Sunthi is known to have originated and widely cultivated in India and introduced to China. Ginger is a creeping perennial rhizomatous herb which can grow to a height of about 0.6-12m tall, leaves are 15-30cm long, Rhizome, laterally compressed bearing short, flattish, ovate, oblique, branches on upper side each having at its apex a depressed scar, pieces about 5-15 cm long, 1.5-6.5 cm wide (usually 3-4 cm) and 1-1.5 cm thick, externally buff coloured showing longitudinal striations and occasional loose fibres, fracture short, smooth, transverse surface exhibiting narrow cortex (about one-third of radius), a well-marked endodermis and a wide stele showing numerous scattered fibro-vascular bundles and yellow secreting cells, odour agreeable and aromatic, taste, agreeable and pungent.

Chemical constituents:
Sunthi contains Volatile Oil containing Cineole zingiberol, and sesquiterpene like zingiberene, bisobolene and sesqui phellandrene, gingerosol in the oleo-resin. It also contains Essential oil, pungent constituents (gingerol and shogaol) and starch.

Rasa : Katu
Guna : Laghu, Snigdha
Vipaka : Madhura
Virya : Usna
Karma : Anulomana, Asmadosahara, Bhedana, Dipana, Hrdya, Pacana, Kaphahara, Rocana, Svarya, Vrsaya Vatahara, Vatakaphapaha.
Pharmacological action :It is known to be an effective spasmolytic, antipyretic, antiemetic, antioxidant, antiulcer, analgesic, hypotensive, antidiabetic, and anti-inflammatory agent
1-By its sheetprashaman, anti inflammatory and analgesic properties, it is used as local application in swollen joints and rheumatoid arthritis.
2-It is the best medicine for all Vata disorders. It stimulates nerves, improves impulse transmission and relieves pain..
3-Helps in the treatment of Fibromyalgia
4-This herb is used in anorexia, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, indigestion, flatulence, abdominal pain, jaundice and piles.
5-In oedema, Shunthi with equal quantity of jaggery in increasing dose up to largest and decreased to the original is useful as Rasayana.
6-It is kaphaghna and antiasthamatic thus treats Asthma by its property of tikta and Snigdha.
7-This herb containing formulation are useful in typhoid fever and innumerable conditions.
8-Shuntipak is useful in general debility and particularly in post partum debility. It keeps digestive and respiratory system healthy. It ameliorates Vata diseases, swelling and increases the strength.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take shunthi without a physician advice .