Scientific name: Vetiveria zizanioides Family name: Poaceae


It is distributed in India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh from Southwest Asia to tropical Africa. In India it is found throughout the plains and lower hills, especially on the banks of rivers and rich marshy soil, ascending to an altitude of 1200 m. Ushir consists of dried fragrant fibrous roots of a densely tufted grass, Clusters of wiry roots upto 2 mm in diameter, minute, longitudinally grooved; color varies from cream, grey or light yellow to brown; fracture, short and splintery; odour, strong aromatic; taste, slightly bitter.
Chemical constituent:
Etiselinenol , khusimol, Allokhusiol, benzoic acid, cyclocapacamphene, epikhusinol, epizizanal, 2-epizizanone, beta- eudesmol, eugenol, isokhusimol, isokhusinoloxide, isovalencenol, isovalencic acid, isovalesenol, khusimene, khusimone, khusimyl acetate, khusinodiol, khusinol, khusitoneol, laevojujenol, levojunenol, vanillin, vertiselinenol, beta-& j-vetivene, vetivenic acid, vetiverol, zizaene, zizanol etc.
Rasa- Tikta, Madhura
Guna- Ruksa, Laghu
Virya- sita
Vipãka- Katu
Karma – Kapha-pittahara, Pãcana, Stambhana
refrigerant,blood purifier, febrifuge, diaphoretic, stimulant, stomachic and emmenagogue


  1. Nervous system : It gives strength to the brain and nerves. It is useful in unconsciousness vertigo and brain disorders.
  2. Digestive system : It gives strength to the stomach. It reduces gastric secretion and hence is useful in acid peptic disease. It is a carminative. appetizer, antidipsetic. antiemetic and astringent It is useful in loss of appetite, indigestion, anorexia, diarrhoea and fever. Fruit of bilva and usheer are given in amoebic dysentery.
  3. Circulatory system: It is a blood purifier because of tikta dosha. It reduces extra water from blood. it is haemostatic and cardio protective. It is useful in epistaxis. It is used internally as well as externally in diaphoresis.
  4. Respiratory system : It is used in cough. hiccups and bronchial asthma.
  5. Urinary system : It is diuretic due to sheeta property. It is useful in dysuria. Sherhat of thus is given in summer to avoid burning micturation and dysuria.
    Is Ushir safe? Yes it is safe to consume.
    Contraindication: Pregnant ladies should avoid to take and shoul take only under the supervision of doctors.