Scientific name: Argyreia speciosa

Family name: Convolvulaceae


Vidhara with its Latin name Argyreia speciosa is a herb that has been scientifically proven to treat cuts, wounds, internal bleeding, rheumatism, ulcers and Gangrene. This plant is also called Elephant creeper. The roots, the leaves and the seeds of this plant are used for a number of medicinal benefits.
Chemical composition: Vidhara contain various metabolites like ergoline, alkaloids such as ergine. Study reported presence of ergometrine, lysergol, lysergic acid and other alkaloids that shows its pharmacological effects.
Rasa- Kashaya, Katu , Tikta.
Guna- Laghu , Sara
Virya- Ushna.
Vipka- Katu.
Karma- Balya, Adhobhagahara, Agnikara, Asthisandhana Kari, Ayurvridhikara, Kantikara, Kanthya, Kaphavatahara, Medhya, Rasayana, Rucya, Svarya, Vrishya, Vishaghna.

  1. Vidhara are used for treating wounds, internal bleeding, cuts, gangrene
    2.Vidhara seeds lower the blood pressure of body and relief in spasm
    3.The leaves of Vidhara can also be used for healing bed sores. For this, the leaves need to be ground and the juice should be extracted and then applied in the affected areas.

4.Dog bites can also be healed with the use of this herb.

5.Vidhara is also effective in treating tumour. For this, the upper surface of the leaves of this herb need to be warmed and them simmered using butter.

Is Vidhara safe?
Yes it safe for consumption. Excessive consumption of Vidhara may lead to unwanted effects.
Contraindication: Pregnancy and lactation: Avoiding Vidhara during pregnancy and lactation is generally advised. The effects on the fetus or nursing infant are not well-studied, so caution is recommended. Follow the recommended dosage provided by an Ayurvedic expert.