Webinar on “Madhumeha Nidan Panchak”

The session commenced by the introduction of the guest speaker by Dr. Sakshi Bakshi, Asst. Prof., Then, this is followed by the inspiration words by the guest speaker. After that sir enlightened the students about the insights of prameha i.e.. Prameha, as described by Acharya Charka & Sushruta is one of the disorders that have emerged out of urban lifestyle. The causes and symptomatology of Madhumeha described few thousand years back run parallel with the causes of Diabetes Mellitus mentioned by the system of modern medicine. Hence, Madhumeha can be co-related with diabetes mellitus. In all, 20 types of Prameha have been described based on the predominance of Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Madhumeha’ is a subtype of Vataja prameha. There are four types of Vataja Prameha i.e. Vasameha , Majjameha, Hastimeha and Madhumeha. Ayurveda includes Prameha amongst Ashto Mahagada. It is of two kinds viz one due to vat vriddhi caused by dhatu kshaya and another by vata vriddhi caused by obstruction of channels of vata by other doshas

Date: 17/06/2020

Key Speakers:

Dr. Mayur Deshmukh
Assistant Professor – Rog -Nidan Department
Government Ayurvedic College, Osmanabad, Maharashtra

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