Research Archives

Volume 1, December 2022
Published by: Ishan Medical college and Research Centre
1 Author Dr Ram Manohar Sai TR 1 to 9
Paper Title A Critical Review on Brahma Muhurta and its Importance  
2 Author Dr Satyadev Arya 10 to 18
Paper Title General Standardization Techniques of Bhasma: AReview  
3 Author Dr Abdul Muhith 19 to 28
Paper Title Concept of Samanyam Ekatvakaram and its importance in Ayurvedic Chikitsa  
4 Author Dr Anjali Chamoli 29 to 40
Paper Title A Comparative Clinical Evaluation of Raktadabashamak Ghana Vati and Sarpagandha Ghana Vati in the Management of Essential Hypertension  
5 Author Dr Archana Prajapati 41 to 59
Paper Title A Review Article on Shigru: A Boon of Nature  
6 Author Dr Rachna Sharma, Dr Sahil Mehta 60 to 67
Paper Title Role of Matra Basti in Management of Kashta Artav W.S.R to Dysmenorrhoea  
7 Author Prof (Dr) Jasvinder kaur, Dr Bhawana Gupta, DrDimple Aggarwal  68 to 75
Paper Title A Conceptual Review on Circadian Rhythm  
8 Author Dr Kalpana Yadav, Dr Nisha Aggarwal, Dr Deepak Khundia, Dr Vikash Kumar Antala, Dr Akanksha Ojha 76 to 84
Paper Title A Conceptual Study on Ayu Hraas Krama (Gradual biological decline)  
9 Author Dr Sakshi Bakshi 85 to 92
Paper Title Metabolic Syndrome w.s.r. to Ayurveda Medicine- A Critical Review  
10 Author Dr Anup Kumar Mishra 93 to 102
Paper Title An Overview of Pratishyaya and its Ayurvedic Management