Research Archives

Volume 1, January 2022
Published by: Ishan Medical college and Research Centre
1 Author Dr.Ram Manohar Sai TR 1 to 9
Paper Title A Critical Review on Brahma Muhurta and its Importance  
2 Author Dr. Satyadev Arya 10 to 18
Paper Title General Standardization Techniques of Bhasma: A Review  
3 Author Dr. Abdul Muhith 19 to 28
Paper Title Concept of Samanyam Ekatvakaram and its importance in Ayurvedic Chikitsa  
4 Author Dr. Anjali Chamoli 29 to 40
Paper Title A Comparative Clinical Evaluation of Raktadabashamak Ghana Vati and Sarpagandha Ghana Vati in the Management of Essential Hypertension  
5 Author Dr. Archana Prajapati 41 to 59
Paper Title A Review Article on Shigru: A Boon of Nature  
6 Author Rachna Sharma & Dr. Sahil Mehta 60 to 67
Paper Title Role of Matra Basti in Management of Kashta Artav W.S.R to Dysmenorrhoea  
7 Author Prof. (Dr.) Jasvinder kaur, Dr. Bhawana Gupta & Dr. Dimple Aggarwal  68 to 75
Paper Title A Conceptual Review on Circadian Rhythm  
8 Author Dr. Kalpana Yadav, Dr. Nisha Aggarwal, Dr. Deepak Khundia, Dr. Vikash Kumar Antala & Dr. Akanksha Ojha 76 to 84
Paper Title A Conceptual Study on Ayu Hraas Krama (Gradual biological decline)  
9 Author Dr. Renuka Kumari 85 to 94
Paper Title Comparison of conventional low FODMAP diet therapy and Pathya ahara in Irritable Bowel Syndrome  
10 Author Dr. Anup Kumar Mishra 95 to 104
Paper Title An Overview of Pratishyaya and its Ayurvedic Management